Weekend Wanderings #2

Weekends. They are crazy. Especially when you stay in. Yes, I party hard at 2 am with Netflix shows and movies playing on repeat. I can honestly say, aside from going to work, I was pretty much in my bed all weekend. Thank goodness, I work in retail and Black Friday is coming up, sooo that means I will be getting little to no sleep Thanksgiving weekend. So, with that being said, I figured why not get extra hours of sleep now?! And let me tell yah, I’m glad that thought popped into my mind.

This last week was crazy, I barley got any sleep and I feel like I was working on one new project after another. However, I still felt as though I hadn’t done anything really productive. Sometimes you just have to step back and look at the big picture. Just go back in your mind and remember we are just a speck on a rock floating in space. There are billions upon billions of stars like ours that we orbit around in the universe. We are lucky to even be here. So, does it really matter if you failed a test? You can always re-take it. You are here for a reason, and I hope it wasn’t to pass that test. Just because you have to put off a big project, it does not mean you failed.

So, with that being said I hope you take a step back and look at life every once and a while. Just stop and smell the flowers.

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