Finals. That word has somehow ruined my well being for the next week. I managed to get exemptions on my finals (I’m still in High School). Sooo this week should be painless… Orrr so I plan it to be. I have so many shoots planned.. It’s just the time I have is limited. Bummer right? Well, I am going to New Orleans and most likely spending my life savings and then some. So I will have a ton of pictures. Iam trying to figure out a way to visit different movie sets like The Vampire Diaries or the AHS COVEN HOUSE. I’ve seen it before. It’s amazing. Not gonna lie I am very geeky when it comes to things like that and I hide behind my camera, so you may see some mysterious pictures of random buildings that I think were on a tv show. ANYWAYS, the point is I have more things coming at you guys soon.

Thanks for reading!



The added random picture is from Louisiana last year!

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