This year has been crazy so far. And it’s only the 6th day of the year. Yesterday we had a class meeting and let me be the first to tell you it was awful. I could not be more ready for summer or college.

As I am sitting her, with a terrifying facial mask on, watching Friends, writing about senior year, I am not the least bit scared. Well I’m not scared right now for the future I should say.  More so with the choices I will soon have to make. I still haven’t chosen a college. Though, I know where I will end up in the long run. I honestly just want to be happy in like and actually do what I set out to do.

Honestly I am ready for life. Not the stuff you hear about in books, but MY OWN book. One that I scribble down while I am hanging out with a group of friends and we do something crazy, while talking to strangers about who knows what. What ever I choose to do, I am looking forward to the adventure that follows.


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