Lazy Sundaze

Let’s be honest, lazy days rock. But so do sick days.. I had a combination of the two Sunday (hint the title Lazy Sundaze). It was awesome, all I did was sit around trying to convince my parents to bring me ice cream while working on my blog in some cool socks (pictured below) while thinking about life.

Life is one of those things you just can’t plan out. You can try to stay on the yellow brick road but you will run into a few bumps along the way. Every person that I have talked to who tried to plan their life out, has told me, straight up, that nothing went as planned. And honestly, I feel as though that is the right way to go about life, spontaneous and unplanned. Don’t get me wrong, I know you will have to plan somethings out, but little random bits of happiness and laughter here and there is what makes you, you. *end of me trying to be a motivational speaker…* Here are some pictures of me being lazy with a laptop and a wild flower phone case. (not a promo I just love their cases)


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