Fly High

Graduation. That one word seems to be ever present in everyone vocabulary. I have hear the question, “Where are you going to school?” about one to two million times today alone. The amount of people who act like they care about how I will live my years outside of my this beaten up town is astounding. And I will admit, I have a bit if a plan,but the only one thing I am positive of is that I want to live anywhere but here, AND I want to retire on a wine vineyard. Other than that I have a vague idea of what I would like to do. 

Life is a wonderfully mysterious thing that we are shoved into. Once you look at the grand scheme of things everything becomes weird. I wish I had a better word for it but honestly have you ever stepped back and looked at how ridiculous we are or life is? It’s crazy, how we perceive day to day things. So, when I take ten steps back and look at high school, I see all of the best years of my life. And honestly, it’s pretty sad. I do not want the best four of years of my life to be wasted away with terrible people and ‘finding myself.’ 

High school for me is not fun, eventful, or anything special. It is simply free education that I am forced to appeticiate. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get an education that is also free. However, I am not grateful for the negativity that I faced from not only the students, but also the teachers. 

Negativeity is something everyone must endure, it builds you as a person and helps you stand up for yourself. I have learned both of these things through the public education system. Positivity is one of the best qualities that a person can have. I’ll admit it is difficult, but incorporating this trait into your everyday life is a necessity. 

You have to put yourself first and fly high. Do not stoop to someone else’s level.

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