So, here is the deal…

So, here is the deal.. I have only ever been on a plane four times in my life. Yes, you heard that right. The girl who talks aimlessly about traveling to faraway lands has only been on a plane four times. This morning, at 3 am, I am hopping on a plane and heading towards South Carolina with my mom. You may be wondering why I am going to South Carolina at 3 am the day after graduation. Well, I have an internship. You heard that right, I am getting a head start in the world. Hopefully.


So, this is me rambling before I head out. I thought I would share some of my future plans with you lovely people… So here is a list of what I hope to accomplish/find this summer.



-Start daily or weekly vlogging.

-Dedicate time to weekly adventures with friends.

-Go on a trip without my parents (sorry mom and dad)

-Get a luggage set. I feel like that would be very adult of me.

-Stop using the word ‘Adult’ as a verb and/or adjective.

-Have more photoshoots.


And last but not least.. Keep up with this blog.
Have a good morning folks.

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