Hilton Head


So, as I said, life is crazy. I got literally 2 hours of sleep. I graduated, went to a get together, finished packing, slept, then woke up. My flight was at 5 a.m. Now, If you know me, you know that I wake up around 7-9 on most mornings. So the flight was a big slap in the face. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE flying. Just not so early in the morning. Especially when I am sick. (Yes, you read correctly. I had a cold.)

When my flight landed, I was left feeling even worse. It was amazing. So, I got myself some chips and salsa and waited for the arrival of the next plane I was to hop on. I honestly was getting more and more sick. I have the best luck.

So when it was time to board the next flight, I was shocked. I got to walk on the runway on to the plane. In my mind, that only happens in movies. It was a small plane and bumpy ride, but honestly… I loved it.

I have been here for three nights now. I honestly can say I love it. It is so slow paced and relaxed. It is completely the opposite of how I am as a person. I have a love hate relationship with it. I have to be in a fast paced environment in order to get things done. So, with that being said, I haven’t gotten much done with my blog, unfortunately. But hey, at least I have gotten this post done!

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