Hello.. This past week has been eventful to say the absolute least. To start off last week I ran into some car trouble.. lets just say I will be without my gold Prius for another one to two weeks. I worked Monday and Tuesday, then started college on Wednesday. College is so different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the independence I have here, but I am going to a community college less than 20 minutes away from where I went to high school. In tern, A LOT of people I went to high school with go here. Which can be good for the fact that I have a hard time breaking out of my shell (I am sitting in the library alone writing this.. its amazing). However, the negative side to it is that I feel stuck. I want to go out and explore, but having to work and having class kind of limits my amount of free time. This is part of the reason I did not have a post up last week. But hey, thats not an excuse. I will make time to have a shoot. I actually did make time for a shoot. I just didn’t make time to write up a blog post. So.. here is my choppy blog post followed by a picture of a green house I saw on the side of a road.


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