Talkative Tuesday #2

As I sit here in the library, at a table that should seat 5 people but is only sitting one, I desperately want to go to Washington and hike up  random mountain. I honestly love college and the freedom it gives me. I love the learning environment. Everyone knows and respects the fact that you are there to further your education. However, I want to live more.

I just quit my retail job, it was a shock to my managers, co-workers, and family, and I just want to kick-start my career. I am still working two jobs, I am still spending all of my time working or studying. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind it. It’s just boring. I want to be able to have a photoshoot every single day. I want to live through the lens of my camera and I want to show people how I see the world  through the pixels of a screen. I just wish I had 30 hours a day so I could squeeze everything in.

Anyway, life is good, life is bad, and life is ugly. However these three things make life beautiful. I am in awe, still that I can still operate with everything that is on my plate. I just keep telling myself I am a well oiled machine. Even if I am sitting in my bed trying to get everything together at 2 am.



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