Day in Denton

About a week ago I was on the phone with Grace (no different form any other day really), and she brought up the fact that I am never in Denton with her. In my defense, I live an hour away.. But that day, for some strange reason, she offered to drive from her dorm room inDenton, to my house, and back to her dorm room so we could hang out. Honestly, I didn’t think she was serious, but then I quickly realized that Grace is crazy enough to do a random kind act like this. So, I spent the night crammed on a twin sized bed in Denton, and at IHop at 1 am. It was completely worth it. Here are some photos from the random adventure. I only have two but at least I have an awesome story to go with them.dsc_0359

Grace was actually really annoyed when I took this photo. She actually hates her profile. Honestly though, she looks amazinnngggggg. We were driving through bumper to bumper traffic in Downtown Fort Worth. It was awful, but hey, I got a good picture and we blasted good music so it was worth it.dsc_0362

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