Bored and Tired

Just a heads up, this is rambley and long-ish.


I am actually sitting on a couch at school pretending like I am writing a very important paper. I told the girl next to me that it was a compare and contrast of  book and a movie. She told me I should do it over the Twilight series. I promptly got up and sat at a different couch. I like twilight, don’t get me wrong.. I saw the midnight premieres and was team Jacob, but I could not get through the first book.

SO.. finals week. It kicked me in the but. Physically, mentally, and even emotionally. I have had two mental breakdowns so far.. and it is Tuesday. To be fair boys were being mean and I am trying to pay off next semesters tuition…. ANYWAY, how are you guys? Whats up? Have you had a good day/week/year? I hope so. I have been good, but I have recently come to the conclusion that I need to write more. Not only for blogs, but also in life. I used to write music and stories all the time when I was growing up. I have no clue why I stopped. So, I have started writing music and poems and books and everything under the damn sun. As you can probably tell by that run on sentence, I am not the worlds best writer. But, its okay. We all could improve in certain aspects in our life. Along with writing, I have started to paint and draw more (if you want to see my doodles, look at my snapchat- MadShelton). I have always utilized some sort of a creative outlet growing up. If I cant draw, paint, or take photos.. I go crazy quite frankly. I hope to post more of my work on this blog.

Project Badass is nearing an end.. it will most likely span into the summer. Who knows. Who knew that getting crap together could take this long? Actually, I did, but I wanted to get it done faster. It obviously didn’t happen. Oh well, it will happen. But in the mean time, I figured I should give people a hint.. right? Here are some hints

-It involves my doodles

-It involves my photography

-It may have a thing to do with Tshirts

Anyway.. you are totally welcome.

Thank you for reading my post, if you got this far, congratulations. Comment/tweet me your thoughts!


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