February Wishlist

To be completely transparent, I cannot afford any of these pieces. BUT I wish I could. Hence the title, Wishlist … I have been loving these blush pallets lately. Light blush colors usually look terrible on me, so I have to wear the darker (ish) tones. It sucks. Especially around this time of year. But none the less, I dream.

This Free People top- I am obsessed with sleeves. I have been seeing a lot of sleeves with ruffles but they have been a a little too dramatic for me. I am more of a plain Jane when it comes to clothing. I feel like this top is a good mix of plain and pop.

These Quay Sunglasses- I saw Pia Muehlenback wearing Quay sunglasses in one of her videos and I became OBSESSED. They are really cute and I haven’t seen a ton of people with this particular pair.

These Steve Madden Booties- I have been in need of a new pair of flat black booties. When I saw these I fell in love! They are a staple with a bit of an edge.

A Juicer- TBH I have just been seeing celery juice everywhere and I just really want to try it. Everyone keeps talking about all of these benefits and I just want to try it for myself!

These Nike Air Force 1’s- I know, I know… They are super basic, but I want them. I feel like I would wear them almost everyday. They are so versatile and fun.

These Nike Air Max’s- I saw Payton Sartain wearing these over the summer and I cannot stop thinking about these. I think I am becoming a sneaker head. I can’t hep it, they are so comfy and adorable.

This Marc Jacobs Bag- To be completely honest I would usually not go for a bag that isn’t neutral. But I am just really liking the idea of a neutral look with a nice pop. This piece is gorgeous, and I know I would wear it non-stop even after V-day.

This Face Roller- I have been obsessed with facial massage and this would make the process so much easier. And more fun. I have seen these all over Instagram and I have been dying to try them out!

The Barefoot Dreams Blanket- So, I am a dedicated follower of The Skinny Confidential, aka Lauryn Evarts. She has been raving about this blanket. Along with everyone else and their mothers. I am a blanket hoarder so I have my eye on this.

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