Trend’s I am Still Loving

Fashion seems to be cyclical nowadays. This or that comes in and goes out, then the trend seems to reinvent itself years later. Personally, I didn’t invest in any of the newer trends last year. I typically wait a second to buy into a trend. I want to know how long it’s going to stay in. I also want to wait for fast fashion to catch up so I can afford it. Let’s face it, I’m a broke college student.

Pic: Fendi Spring Summer 2019

Bike Shorts-   I LOVE athleisure. Who doesn’t want to look awesome while staying comfy? I loved this trend, but not the price tag. I typically wear everything high waisted (hides the food baby) so when all I could find was low rise, and the reviews said it was see through I wanted to cry, BUT ATLAS I found a pair that I added to my cart. That I can rock with a cool baggy t-shirt.

Pic: Vetements Spring 2019

Baggy hoodies- These have been in for a while. But I didn’t think I would like them. But they are growing on me! Again, comfortability wins. You can throw it over leggings or bike shorts and walk out of your house with out looking like you just woke up (you might have to do your hair and makeup).

Ugly Sneakers- I really didn’t think this trend would last. They are chunky and bulky BUT they are comfortable. But they are still here! To be honest I see so many girls wearing the all white chunky filas and it turns me off. So I tend to lean towards the shoes that are more colorful.

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