NYFW Street Styles I’ve been Swooning over

I am so jealous of everyone who has the opportunity to go to fashion week. Maybe one day, but until then… I’ll swoon from afar. I’ve been keeping up with bloggers stories and posts, googling everything I can. I have always been infatuated with the idea of NYFW.

I recently fell in love with NYC, and now I am obsessed with looking at apartments and different restaurants and clothes that I can’t afford. So, these street style looks have been goggling at these photos all stinkin’ week. I can dream, right?

Pic by: Tyler Joe
Pic by: Tyler Joe

Pic by: The Style Stalker

Pic by: The Street Stalker
Pic by: The Street Stalker
Pic by: Asia Typek
Pic by: Phil Oh
Getty Images
Pic by: Jeremy Kang

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