Instagram Profiles I’ve Been Loving

I have been scrolling through Instagram for quite a while. Meaning, since it came out when I was in 7th grade. We couldn’t post videos. We couldn’t post anything that wasn’t a square picture. The explore page was non existent and I didn’t really go on anything but FaceBook. The world is so different.

Nowadays I follow bloggers and personalities and celebs and maybe a friend or two. I like aesthetically pleasing feeds that have good content. I spend a little too much time on social media, instagram specifically, so I curated my feed to show me what I want to see. I know I’m weird, but I like looking at pretty pictures of cute clothes! It’s like my own version of a magazine.

Xenia Donts: I found her profile about a year ago, and I have been stalking her stories ever since. She has such a great sense of style. She wears the statement pieces but she makes them look so effortless. Also, she is adorable! You have to watch her stories.

Jacey Duprie: To be honest, I wasn’t immediately intrigued by her profile but it grew on me. Jacey is from Texas, so obviously we are BFFs. I love her chic style and how soft her theme is. She runs the blog Damsel in Dior (which is also amazing) and she shows some of the behind the scenes in her stories.

Sarah Belle: I have been following Sarah since she wore bubble necklaces and had everything monogrammed. I feel like we have grown up together. I know that sounds weird, but I have been watching her videos for that long. Her style has majorly evolved and it is so amazing. Also, her dog Miller is so stinking cute! And again, you have to watch her stories. She is so real and honest when she hits the record button. From lip injections to ranting about her day, I am glued to my screen.

Some Where Lately: These two girls are from Texas (Texans just love other Texans, okay?) and run this amazing blog. They both have the most adorable kids and they are so stinking pretty. I love looking at their OOTDs and dreaming of a day when I can afford their bags. And… do I have to say it? THEIR STORIES ARE SO GOOD!

We Wore What: As crazy as this sounds, I only just started following Danielle Bernstien about a month or two ago. I love her style, everything she wears pushes the limit in some way. She also runs two separate clothing brands and they are gorgeous. She goes to Fashion Weeks all around the world and lives in New York. So, basically she is living my dream. I know Instagram is a highlight reel, but I’m obsessed with her highlight reel and I want my reality to be the mirror image.

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