Top 5 Places to Eat in Fort Worth

I love food. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I. Love.Food.

I’ve always liked to go to different restaurants and try new foods. Don’t get me wrong, I get in ruts, right now I’m in a taco rut (you’ll see). But for the most part, I love exploring new areas and new cuisines. But, I’m balling on a budget. I am a college student, what else do you expect? So, these are some budget-friendly options.

  • Torchys

I am obsessed with tacos. Torchys has an amazing menu and their margaritas are sooo good! As soon as I turned 21 I got a margarita and a Baja Shrimp taco. SO. STINKING. GOOD. The atmosphere is more sporty they have tv’s by the bar and they have an amazing deck that is attached to a small patch of grass, perfect if you have kids.

  • Velvet Taco

Velvet is the restaurant that made me fall in love with tacos. In high school, I would go once a week and get their Nashville Hot Tofu and eat my heart out. I don’t know how I afforded it, but it was amazing. They are more of a restaurant that you’d go to with a group of friends. They have good beer, tacos, and a great deck. This isn’t really a place to take little kids, not a lot of room for them to get their wiggles out, but it is an amazing place for a GNO. It’s also close to West 7th, like it’s walking distance. So you can grab a taco, margarita, and then bar hop with your friends.

  • Righteous Foods

Righteous is higher priced, but it’s still good. Not going to lie, I was nervous the first time I went in. It looks a little pretentious and I definitely did not fit in when wearing shorts and a baggy t-shirt with my makeup. BUT, the staff made me feel comfortable and they were very informative. They have healthier food and I swear it tastes amazing. I love taking my mom or grandpa here and sitting and talking, it’s so nice!

  • Tokyo Cafe

Tokyo is one of my all time favorite places to get sushi. The atmosphere is amazing and the food is so good. I always get their Volcano Roll and their Tok Fries (not sure how to actually spell the name of the fries, but I tried my best). I actually met the owner once while I was working and she is super sweet. I may use that as an excuse to eat there more often… The only thing is that it’s not as budget-friendly, but it is definitely worth the investment. It’s a really cute date spot, or even if you want to dress a little nicer and take cute pictures with your friends. There is a cute mural on the building next door and it’s perfect for taking pics.

  • Blue Sushi

Blue sushi is another fun hangout spot. You can go with girlfriends, or on a date. And the sushi is pretty good too. They have a huge fish tank in the middle of the restaurant and it’s absolutely gorgeous. It’s also close to West 7th if you want to go bar hopping after you grab a bite! I like to dress a bit nicer (aka wear real pants and maybe actually put on a bra) when I go, but that is totally up to you! I’ve been for lunch and people dress down, during dinner they typically wear real clothes.

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