I’m Baaack

Surprise bitches.

I randomly got the urge to hop back on. Who. Would. Have. Thought.

Not Me.

But after listening to podcast after podcast, downloading audible to listen to the books I want to read (but don’t have time to read), and moving to a new city… Here I am.

Just to catch all of my two readers (which I’m sure one was me and one was someone who accidentally clicked on my blog link) up, I moved in with a boy in San Antonio, Texas. Gross, right? San Antonio is the LAST place I thought I would be, but here we are. I work at a civil engineering firm (I’m a woman in STEM *cough marketing cough*) and working at a spin studio.

Speaking of spin, I am obsess with fitness and wellness. I’m literally drinking a green smoothie as I type this (gag me with a spoon). I prefer lifting to cardio, the only time I can get cardio in is when I’m walking or taking a spin class. I used to instruct, but I had to quit after I moved. I want to get back into it… but we’ll see.

I also graduated college in ’20. That was exciting.

It was actually very brutal, there were no jobs and I was constantly panicked.

But here we are, in San Antonio, drinking a damn green juice. Subscribe to my email list if you want more information on my thrilling life.


Your favorite bitch.


If you don’t like the vulgarity, just unsub or maybe don’t read my platform. Thnx.

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