I’m Baaack

Surprise bitches. I randomly got the urge to hop back on. Who. Would. Have. Thought. Not Me. But after listening to podcast after podcast, downloading audible to listen to the books I want to read (but don’t have time to read), and moving to a new city… Here I am. Just to catch all of […]

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My Bougie Wishlist

We all wish that we had more money. Sometimes we pretend that we have more money than we actually do and walk around expensive shops. Or online shop on Chanels website without actually hitting the “purchase” button. Okay, maybe it’s just me but still. We all wish we had a little more money to spend […]

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A Periwinkle Paradise

I am not usually not big on wearing blue, but I have been loving periwinkle lately. I am in the process of moving right now so I don’t have a lot of extra money in my budget (I mean, what college student does). But I can look, right? I’ve been scrolling through Instagram a little […]

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Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows

I don’t have cable. It’s so expensive and I don’t think a lot of people around where I live even have cable. We have Hulu and Netflix. That’s really all I need, I don’t watch live sports unless I’m at my boyfriend’s house, or at a sports bar. I’ve been binge watching on Netflix like […]

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How I Stay Sane

Let’s be real. Life is busy. Hella busy. Especially when you are in school. Life becomes HELLA busy. If you don’t balance work/school with your social life and your alone time properly, you will drown in an ocean of tears and paperwork. Trust me, I’ve been there. We all have to draw a line somewhere. […]

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My Friday Favs

I’m backkk (kinda). Let’s be real. Life is hard, and crap gets in the way. I’ll get into it in a later post, but for now… what’s up? How are you? I’ve been doing good. If you were wondering. I figured I could come back with a basic blog post. I’ve been posting here and […]

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Get The Look For Less

By now, you should know that I’m obsessed with NYFW (If you didn’t know… check out my last post here). I have been stalking Instagram and googling different looks, going crazy over all of the looks I’ve been looking at. But lets face it. I can’t afford a $100 bag, much less a bag that’s […]

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Friday Fav’s

Yah, I’m hopping on the trend. Well, actually it’s 11:30 pm and I just drank Dr. Pepper and I don’t want to study for Macro Econ. I’m a communication major okay?! So while I’m on this caffeine high and can’t stop thinking, I might as well batch some blog posts. Might as well be kinda […]

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