Frightful First Dates!

If you haven’t been following me on social media (Which you totally should), you’d know that I have an internship with The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show. Yes I am freaking out still. Yes everyone thinks I am weird because I fangirl just about everyday. ANYWAY, I have a podcast with KiddNation (Yes I am still […]

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So basically, 2017 has been amazing so far. I’ve gone out and shot BOTH days. Tell me that isn’t amazing. I have also been filming alll the timeee. People are starting to get annoyed at me. Oh well. Here’s some cute pics from the shoots.

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My People

I have always struggled with making friends. I am awful at starting conversation, and being someone who thinks most people hate me after one conversation, I am awful at following up. I am awful at meeting new people in general. But let me tell you something. I found some people. Here are some pics. (BTW […]

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Bored and Tired

Just a heads up, this is rambley and long-ish.   I am actually sitting on a couch at school pretending like I am writing a very important paper. I told the girl next to me that it was a compare and contrast of ¬†book and a movie. She told me I should do it over […]

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Disposable #1

Lately I have been carrying around disposable cameras. I have no clue why I wanted to travel back to my early years.. I used to take my parents disposable cameras and run around taking random photos. I guess I never grew out of my younger year shenanigans.

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Talkative Tuesday.

So basically this isn’t going to be me talking about life because nothing has really changed. Well it has but you will find out later. HOWEVER, I had a shoot with Avery Pratho and Erin Prokell a while back, and they are so beautiful that I thought it would be rude not to share some […]

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Day in Denton

About a week ago I was on the phone with Grace (no different form any other day really), and she brought up the fact that I am never in Denton with her. In my defense, I live an hour away.. But that day, for some strange reason, she offered to drive from her dorm room […]

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Talkative Tuesday

So… it is Tuesday.. SOOOOO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! *Que the theme music that may or may not be the same theme music they used in the ‘The Office’ ‘s intro* Why, hello there… (yes I have been watching Chelsea does… have you?!) I have been unusually busy, but what is new. Truthfully, I […]

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Talkative Tuesday #2

As I sit here in the library, at a table that should seat 5 people but is only sitting one, I desperately want to go to Washington and hike up ¬†random mountain. I honestly love college and the freedom it gives me. I love the learning environment. Everyone knows and respects the fact that you […]

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Fearless and Flawless

Okay, maybe the title is a little braggy, but it is kinda true. In life, we have challenges. This, unfortunately, is inevitable. However, we choose whether to embrace the change, or to go running for the hills. Personally, I say that I embrace it, but lets be honest, I am scared 80% of the time. […]

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