Finally Friday..

I have been in Hilton Head, South Carolina since Monday. I love it here. I am the Social Media Marketing intern, if you haven’t heard. I am obsessed with this position. I honestly really want to skip college and go straight into my career. I am over the idea of college already. I love working, […]

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Saturday Sunset

If I am going to be completely honest with you, these pictures were not even taken on a Saturday. However, the title matches this photo set so perfectly. These past few weeks I have ben needing a bit more fun. Something spontanious, fun, and care free. So, when I had a random day off of […]

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Midway Through Monday.

CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO APPERICIATE THE TITLE. Okay, now that that is over with… HELLO everyone! I am currently writing this at 10 pm eating ice cream and thinking about you lovely people. I am honestly hyper due to the un-godly amount of sugar and caffine in my system, AND I am still […]

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Walk in my Shoes

This last week has been amazing to say the least. I flew to Arizona to visit family and to sight see. Honestly, I was blown away with the natural beauty. While taking pictures of the Grand Canyon and Sunset volcano national park I randomly felt like throwing it back to middle school and taking pictures […]

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Air to Arizona

I recently went on a plane for the first time since I was 10 ( I’m 17 now and I slept through the whole flight when I was 10). So I’m just going to count this as my first official plane trip haha. I did not expect the crowded plane and cramped seats, but looking […]

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