A while back I had a photoshoot with Hayden ( @haydenriver on instagram) . Honestly, she is gorgeous. Just look at the photos below. She is so talented and sweet. Her camera tagged along and it was honestly so much fun. I loved it.

Finally Friday..


I have been in Hilton Head, South Carolina since Monday. I love it here. I am the Social Media Marketing intern, if you haven’t heard. I am obsessed with this position. I honestly really want to skip college and go straight into my career. I am over the idea of college already. I love working, I have no clue why, but it’s just something I love doing. My job is my saving grace. Without it I would have most likely not have started the re-design of this blog. I am constantly going. Moving. Doing something. So with that being said, I have loved the slow pace of this island. It is so neat. Everyone is very sweet and personable. I love it.  


Thank you!

Madeleine Shelton

Saturday Sunset


If I am going to be completely honest with you, these pictures were not even taken on a Saturday. However, the title matches this photo set so perfectly. These past few weeks I have ben needing a bit more fun. Something spontanious, fun, and care free. So, when I had a random day off of course I was going to talk Elizbeth (@FrizzzyLizzie on twitter) and Grace (you should know her by now) into driving into DTFW and treking up a parking garage to get some awesome pictures of the sunset.Long story short, we had fun. HERE’S TO MORE RANDOM MESS ADVENTURES IN THE NAME OF FRIENDSHIP. And yes I ment random mess. The whole houpla was random and a mess..


Thank you for reading!