Hello.. This past week has been eventful to say the absolute least. To start off last week I ran into some car trouble.. lets just say I will be without my gold Prius for another one to two weeks. I worked Monday and Tuesday, then started college on Wednesday. College is so different. Don’t get me wrong, I love the independence I have here, but I am going to a community college less than 20 minutes away from where I went to high school. In tern, A LOT of people I went to high school with go here. Which can be good for the fact that I have a hard time breaking out of my shell (I am sitting in the library alone writing this.. its amazing). However, the negative side to it is that I feel stuck. I want to go out and explore, but having to work and having class kind of limits my amount of free time. This is part of the reason I did not have a post up last week. But hey, thats not an excuse. I will make time to have a shoot. I actually did make time for a shoot. I just didn’t make time to write up a blog post. So.. here is my choppy blog post followed by a picture of a green house I saw on the side of a road.


Delightful Daze

This post is long over due. A few weeks back, I went out to the gardens with the one, the only, ANTHONY PARADISOOOOO. Yah, it was fun. He braved the Texas heat and put up with my irrational fear of snakes. (There was a guy walking around with a python. I ran away.)

Also, I feel the need to put a bit of a disclaimer. This was not sponsored by any company. Anthony just really wanted a ‘cool’ picture of the back of his Patagonia shirt. It ended up being really cool. (S/o to him for the idea)


Finally Friday..


I have been in Hilton Head, South Carolina since Monday. I love it here. I am the Social Media Marketing intern, if you haven’t heard. I am obsessed with this position. I honestly really want to skip college and go straight into my career. I am over the idea of college already. I love working, I have no clue why, but it’s just something I love doing. My job is my saving grace. Without it I would have most likely not have started the re-design of this blog. I am constantly going. Moving. Doing something. So with that being said, I have loved the slow pace of this island. It is so neat. Everyone is very sweet and personable. I love it.  


Thank you!

Madeleine Shelton

Saturday Sunset


If I am going to be completely honest with you, these pictures were not even taken on a Saturday. However, the title matches this photo set so perfectly. These past few weeks I have ben needing a bit more fun. Something spontanious, fun, and care free. So, when I had a random day off of course I was going to talk Elizbeth (@FrizzzyLizzie on twitter) and Grace (you should know her by now) into driving into DTFW and treking up a parking garage to get some awesome pictures of the sunset.Long story short, we had fun. HERE’S TO MORE RANDOM MESS ADVENTURES IN THE NAME OF FRIENDSHIP. And yes I ment random mess. The whole houpla was random and a mess..


Thank you for reading!


Midway Through Monday.


Okay, now that that is over with… HELLO everyone! I am currently writing this at 10 pm eating ice cream and thinking about you lovely people. I am honestly hyper due to the un-godly amount of sugar and caffine in my system, AND I am still riding off the excitement from Midway! I have been working weekends at the stock show along with a second retail job for the past month. It has been so hecktic but I have somehow managed to keep it together.

I had never been to Midway, there I said it! I had never been in all 17 years of my life have never gone out with friends to Midway. If you are unfamiliar with what Midway is, it’s basically like a carnival but within  the stock show. It’s amazingly fun and thrilling. So, when Grace and I had a bit of extra time after work and I just so happened to bring my camera (I take it everywhere it really wasn’t a coinsidence) of course I took some pictures.