A while back I had a photoshoot with Hayden ( @haydenriver on instagram) . Honestly, she is gorgeous. Just look at the photos below. She is so talented and sweet. Her camera tagged along and it was honestly so much fun. I loved it.

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Finally Friday..

I have been in Hilton Head, South Carolina since Monday. I love it here. I am the Social Media Marketing intern, if you haven’t heard. I am obsessed with this position. I honestly really want to skip college and go straight into my career. I am over the idea of college already. I love working, […]

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Midway Through Monday.

CAN WE TAKE A MOMENT TO APPERICIATE THE TITLE. Okay, now that that is over with… HELLO everyone! I am currently writing this at 10 pm eating ice cream and thinking about you lovely people. I am honestly hyper due to the un-godly amount of sugar and caffine in my system, AND I am still […]

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A while back I went out with Grace (pictured above). Honestly every time I to this part of town with her we always have a blast. So, this time I brought my camera to capture so of the more pituresque moments (not so much scarfing down pizza at the mellow mushroom). Hope you guys enjoyed! […]

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Lazy Sundaze

Let’s be honest, lazy days rock. But so do sick days.. I had a combination of the two Sunday (hint the title Lazy Sundaze). It was awesome, all I did was sit around trying to convince my parents to bring me ice cream while working on my blog in some cool socks (pictured below) while […]

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Painted Fire.

This is Avery. I shot with her last year at a weird point in my life and in the year.. and honestly getting to shoot with her again was so much fun! She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I don’t think I’ve met one person with something negative to say about her. […]

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Phantom by: Grace Mclendon

            Sunday a close friend of mine, Grace, decided to drench me in flour. Yes, you read right, flour. I washed my hair twice after this series was shot trying to get it all out. And thankfully, Grace is an amazing photographer and made it all worth it. I had such an amazing […]

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New Years Eve, the big ball drop, a single persons worst nightmare. The next holiday after Christmas is coming up, tomorrow actually. So, I naturally had to have a shoot with TONS of glitter. Thus, I tweeted that I needed a model and got a text from the lovely Kadyn Kirkpatrick. THANKFULLY she didn’t mind […]


Weekend Wanderings

    This weekend… I swear to you was so much fun but at the same time so much work.. Saturday morning I had a photo-shoot with Elizabeth, I have shot with her before but never  just with her alone. So, when I tweeted that I needed a model and she graciously replied, of course […]

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