A while back I had a photoshoot with Hayden ( @haydenriver on instagram) . Honestly, she is gorgeous. Just look at the photos below. She is so talented and sweet. Her camera tagged along and it was honestly so much fun. I loved it.


Finally Friday..


I have been in Hilton Head, South Carolina since Monday. I love it here. I am the Social Media Marketing intern, if you haven’t heard. I am obsessed with this position. I honestly really want to skip college and go straight into my career. I am over the idea of college already. I love working, I have no clue why, but it’s just something I love doing. My job is my saving grace. Without it I would have most likely not have started the re-design of this blog. I am constantly going. Moving. Doing something. So with that being said, I have loved the slow pace of this island. It is so neat. Everyone is very sweet and personable. I love it.  


Thank you!

Madeleine Shelton

Midway Through Monday.


Okay, now that that is over with… HELLO everyone! I am currently writing this at 10 pm eating ice cream and thinking about you lovely people. I am honestly hyper due to the un-godly amount of sugar and caffine in my system, AND I am still riding off the excitement from Midway! I have been working weekends at the stock show along with a second retail job for the past month. It has been so hecktic but I have somehow managed to keep it together.

I had never been to Midway, there I said it! I had never been in all 17 years of my life have never gone out with friends to Midway. If you are unfamiliar with what Midway is, it’s basically like a carnival but within  the stock show. It’s amazingly fun and thrilling. So, when Grace and I had a bit of extra time after work and I just so happened to bring my camera (I take it everywhere it really wasn’t a coinsidence) of course I took some pictures.



4 (1).jpg

DSC_1971 (1).jpg



A while back I went out with Grace (pictured above). Honestly every time I to this part of town with her we always have a blast. So, this time I brought my camera to capture so of the more pituresque moments (not so much scarfing down pizza at the mellow mushroom). Hope you guys enjoyed!


Thank you for reading!


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Lazy Sundaze

Let’s be honest, lazy days rock. But so do sick days.. I had a combination of the two Sunday (hint the title Lazy Sundaze). It was awesome, all I did was sit around trying to convince my parents to bring me ice cream while working on my blog in some cool socks (pictured below) while thinking about life.

Life is one of those things you just can’t plan out. You can try to stay on the yellow brick road but you will run into a few bumps along the way. Every person that I have talked to who tried to plan their life out, has told me, straight up, that nothing went as planned. And honestly, I feel as though that is the right way to go about life, spontaneous and unplanned. Don’t get me wrong, I know you will have to plan somethings out, but little random bits of happiness and laughter here and there is what makes you, you. *end of me trying to be a motivational speaker…* Here are some pictures of me being lazy with a laptop and a wild flower phone case. (not a promo I just love their cases)


Painted Fire.


This is Avery. I shot with her last year at a weird point in my life and in the year.. and honestly getting to shoot with her again was so much fun! She is such a beautiful person inside and out. I don’t think I’ve met one person with something negative to say about her. So here is to the girl with firey hair and an amazing personality. She is on fire. *Queue Alicia Keys singing This Girl is on Fire*.


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Phantom by: Grace Mclendon

Sunday a close friend of mine, Grace, decided to drench me in flour. Yes, you read right, flour. I washed my hair twice after this series was shot trying to get it all out. And thankfully, Grace is an amazing photographer and made it all worth it. I had such an amazing time shooting this in her childhood treehouse, yes, again you read that right, and hanging out with her and her brother.  HOPE YOU LIKE HOW IT TURNED OUT BECAUSE I LOVE IT!
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I have to admit, I am a little obsessed with this picture!


New Years Eve, the big ball drop, a single persons worst nightmare. The next holiday after Christmas is coming up, tomorrow actually. So, I naturally had to have a shoot with TONS of glitter. Thus, I tweeted that I needed a model and got a text from the lovely Kadyn Kirkpatrick. THANKFULLY she didn’t mind me smearing glitter in her hair and all over her face.

Thanks for reading!


Weekend Wanderings




This weekend… I swear to you was so much fun but at the same time so much work.. Saturday morning I had a photo-shoot with Elizabeth, I have shot with her before but never  just with her alone. So, when I tweeted that I needed a model and she graciously replied, of course I wasn’t going to turn her down. She is drop dead gorgeous and has is absolutely hilarious. So I made her get up at 9 a.m. drive to my house and not punch me as I shove a lens in her face telling he she looks angry and to relax. And of course, she was amazing. Sunday I slept in (thankfully) and got up and ready for work. I didn’t do much unless you count binge watching Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (that show is amazing).

But either way… this weekend was lovely.


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