I’m Baaack

Surprise bitches. I randomly got the urge to hop back on. Who. Would. Have. Thought. Not Me. But after listening to podcast after podcast, downloading audible to listen to the books I want to read (but don’t have time to read), and moving to a new city… Here I am. Just to catch all of […]

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How I Stay Sane

Let’s be real. Life is busy. Hella busy. Especially when you are in school. Life becomes HELLA busy. If you don’t balance work/school with your social life and your alone time properly, you will drown in an ocean of tears and paperwork. Trust me, I’ve been there. We all have to draw a line somewhere. […]

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My Friday Favs

I’m backkk (kinda). Let’s be real. Life is hard, and crap gets in the way. I’ll get into it in a later post, but for now… what’s up? How are you? I’ve been doing good. If you were wondering. I figured I could come back with a basic blog post. I’ve been posting here and […]

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Get The Look For Less

By now, you should know that I’m obsessed with NYFW (If you didn’t know… check out my last post here). I have been stalking Instagram and googling different looks, going crazy over all of the looks I’ve been looking at. But lets face it. I can’t afford a $100 bag, much less a bag that’s […]

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Friday Fav’s

Yah, I’m hopping on the trend. Well, actually it’s 11:30 pm and I just drank Dr. Pepper and I don’t want to study for Macro Econ. I’m a communication major okay?! So while I’m on this caffeine high and can’t stop thinking, I might as well batch some blog posts. Might as well be kinda […]

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Trend’s I am Still Loving

Fashion seems to be cyclical nowadays. This or that comes in and goes out, then the trend seems to reinvent itself years later. Personally, I didn’t invest in any of the newer trends last year. I typically wait a second to buy into a trend. I want to know how long it’s going to stay […]

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Spring Break Picks

With spring break coming up I know a lot of people are gearing up to get lit. Or work your butt off while your co-workers are out of town (hollaaaa). But we can dream even if we are working out butts off. This Maxi Dress Cover Up- I usually just wear a tshirt and flowy […]

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2018 FAll FINDS

I have been an obsessive over fall and winter clothing since I was in middle school. The only issue is that I am broke. Meaning, I had the off brand UGG boots and Burberry scarfs that people very quickly pulled apart and accused me of ‘ripping off’ brands. IT WAS GREAT. I LOVED MIDDLE SCHOOL.  […]

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Sooooo about a week ago I got this amazing opportunity to photograph one of my childhood idol’s concerts. JoJo is such an amazing performer and I am so glad that I finally got to see her! (I also got to meet her and she is super sweet!) I got the go ahead to post some […]