Weekend Wanderings #1

Stepping through tall, itchy grass while in search for the perfect back drop does not seem like the ideal way to spend my extra Monday, but yet that’s all I could think about! I haven’t had the chance to shoot in what seems like centuries, so I jumped at the opportunity! Madi and Erin are both amazing models and people!! They brought so much to the table with their creativity and their sense of humor was amazing to say the least. We went on a bit of an adventure and wound up in front of a graffiti wall in the middle of no where, then Madi pulled out some smoke bombs and we had a blast. DSC_1637









Chelsey’s Session

I’m back! Some how, I have gotten another shoot under my belt. So… I have another post! I’m trying to start posting consistently but lets face it, I am a High School student with a job and 4 AP classes, this may be rare. Lets just take it one step at a time and start with one post a week.. lets hope it turns out well. I have two people to shoot with for this next week and I am sooo excited!! They are both experimental shoots and I am so pumped! Anyways, back to business. Chelsey is one of my good friends from waaay back. I’m talking Hanna Montana, Jonas Brothers, bangs and glasses way back. Some how, we became friends in 2nd grade (I don’t even know how she was way cooler than I was and still is way cooler) and we have texted a few times since I have moved, but never really hung out since middle school. However, a few weeks ago she texted me wanting to have a shoot, so naturally I said yes! A chance to hang out with an old friend and to shoot at the same time, why not?! ┬áThe shoot turned out amazing and I thought I’d show you some of the photos!

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