Spring Break Picks

With spring break coming up I know a lot of people are gearing up to get lit. Or work your butt off while your co-workers are out of town (hollaaaa). But we can dream even if we are working out butts off.

This Maxi Dress Cover Up- I usually just wear a tshirt and flowy shorts as a cover up. But then what are you supposed to do if you have plans to get lunch after tanning at your mansion in California and you have 20 min to get dressed?! This dress. It is so cute and casual, it can be dressed up or down… It’s perfect.

These Steve Madden Slides- I have seen Hermes slides all over Instagram and I am DYING for a pair. However, I don’t have that much money to throw at a cute pair of shoes. Thankfully, Steve Madden offers a cute dupe!

This Anthropologie Top- I own this top in two colors. It is amazing. It is a simple piece that adds to your outfit, without distracting. It is so comfy and flowy, it is a great transitional layering piece. Even if you cover up the sleeves with a jacket you can still see the neck line (which I am in love with).

This Bond One Piece- I love one piece swimmies. I wasn’t a fan of the hole in the midsection last year, but it has grown on me. I feel like it makes the piece look more interesting and it kind of elongates you… Maybe it’s just me. But this swimsuit is amazing!

This Bikini Top- I owned a bikini top like this from Target and it was amazing until my sister stole it and lost it. It is nice take on the classic black triangle bikini.

The Anthropologie One Piece- Again, I love one pieces. The red and pink are a fun pop that will make you stand out in any crowd. I just love two tone looks. Plus the neckline elongates you’re torso. I just love anything that might make me look taller.

 The Ruffle Top-  This top is a little trendier, but with a pair of cute shorts it would be perfect for day to day wear during spring break and into the summer. I have been loving puffy sleeves. Maybe we should bring back glamour shots too?

This Urban Outfitters Maxi Dress- Again, I am obsessed with maxi dresses. The lines on this dress, again, elongate and are sooo beautiful. The mix of horizontal and vertical stripes… I am drooling. Throw on a pair of heels, or a pair of white sneakers, and you are set.

This Going Out Dress- I don’t go out much but if I did, this is what I’d be wearing. I love simple pieces, you can add accessories to really make your fit pop.

These Earrings- I have been loving dangly earrings lately, but I HATE spending a ton of money on them. Earring trends go in and out so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Plus I always loose earrings. It’s sad. So, I find cute earrings on Forever 21. So, you won’t feel guilty if you loose them or if they break.

These Earrings Too- I just love Forever 21 earrings… okay?

February Wishlist

To be completely transparent, I cannot afford any of these pieces. BUT I wish I could. Hence the title, Wishlist … I have been loving these blush pallets lately. Light blush colors usually look terrible on me, so I have to wear the darker (ish) tones. It sucks. Especially around this time of year. But none the less, I dream.

This Free People top- I am obsessed with sleeves. I have been seeing a lot of sleeves with ruffles but they have been a a little too dramatic for me. I am more of a plain Jane when it comes to clothing. I feel like this top is a good mix of plain and pop.

These Quay Sunglasses- I saw Pia Muehlenback wearing Quay sunglasses in one of her videos and I became OBSESSED. They are really cute and I haven’t seen a ton of people with this particular pair.

These Steve Madden Booties- I have been in need of a new pair of flat black booties. When I saw these I fell in love! They are a staple with a bit of an edge.

A Juicer- TBH I have just been seeing celery juice everywhere and I just really want to try it. Everyone keeps talking about all of these benefits and I just want to try it for myself!

These Nike Air Force 1’s- I know, I know… They are super basic, but I want them. I feel like I would wear them almost everyday. They are so versatile and fun.

These Nike Air Max’s- I saw Payton Sartain wearing these over the summer and I cannot stop thinking about these. I think I am becoming a sneaker head. I can’t hep it, they are so comfy and adorable.

This Marc Jacobs Bag- To be completely honest I would usually not go for a bag that isn’t neutral. But I am just really liking the idea of a neutral look with a nice pop. This piece is gorgeous, and I know I would wear it non-stop even after V-day.

This Face Roller- I have been obsessed with facial massage and this would make the process so much easier. And more fun. I have seen these all over Instagram and I have been dying to try them out!

The Barefoot Dreams Blanket- So, I am a dedicated follower of The Skinny Confidential, aka Lauryn Evarts. She has been raving about this blanket. Along with everyone else and their mothers. I am a blanket hoarder so I have my eye on this.

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Okay, I have to admit that Valentines Day is one of my favorite holidays. But this is mainly because my birthday is the day after, so people give me all of their left over chocolate AND I get discounted candy.

It’s amazing.

When I was in second grade I put an empty tissue box on my desk and told people that it was my gift bin. So, if they had gifts they had to put it in the bin. They ended up giving me all the chocolate they forgot in their desks and I was LIVING.

So I get two days worth of gifts. This will suck for who ever I marry but I’m fine with it.

I am a very serious gift giver. I sit and think months in advance. So of course I have been planning gifts for Valentines Day since Christmas. I am insane, but it comes in handy i.e. I can solve your gift giving problems.

Venus et Fleur – These Flowers are so gorgeous AND they last a year. I just love flowers but they die so quickly. These are perfect!

Huggie Hoop Earrings – I have been obsessed with little hoop earrings. They are a classic piece that looks good with everything. Just make sure who ever you give them to have their ear’s pierced.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares  – Okay do I have to explain chocolate?

 Initial necklace – I love the idea of an initial necklace with not my initial, by my boyfriends. Or you can even get your s/o multiple pendants with both of your initials or your kids initials.

Rebecca Minkoff Bag – I have been in love with Rebecca Minkoff ever since the mini mac went viral. This bag is so gorgeous, I love structured bags so of course I am drooling over this. You can throw a few knick nacks and tie a bow onto the chain so you don’t have to get a bag for it!

Anthropologie Mugs – I love coffee mugs. It is a little bit of an issue, but I’m working through it. TBH I don’t like ‘his and hers’ things but I feel like these are ambiguous enough to not look too cute-sy.

Knit Wrap – I love this wrap, it is so cute and cozy. Little things like this make my day when someone gets them for me. People usually stray from giving clothing as a gift because you never know what someones size is. BUT, at Anthropologie there are so many s/m or m/l items that it makes it easy to pick something out.

Hair Scarf – These scarfs are perfect! They are classic, chic, and add on to every outfit. Plus they are such a good, easy, and less expensive gift.

Drop Earring – These are for a person that is a little more artsy and wears more bold pieces. They are so cute, you can throw on a white top and jeans with these earrings, and your outfit is instantly cuter.

Contigo Mugs – Growing up my parents always loved these mugs. I never understood why UNTIL I started drinking coffee. These keep your coffee hot literally all day. I have left a hot cup of coffee in my car (on accident) at 8 am and got back to my car at 5 pm AND THE CUP IS STILL HOT. It’s insane. Add a gift card to their fav coffee place and some cute candy, AND YOU’RE SET.